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I'm Josh. I realized recently that I've accumulated a lot of knowledge on scripting and capture-the-flag-ing, and decided I'd consolidate that knowledge into a blog. I'd been sitting on this domain for ages, and had a bit of fun building a site from scratch, but since I now have actual content to put out, I'm opting for Hugo.

Hopefully the posts here can help future users in learning to leverage tools like powershell and python to make computers do work for them. I've been automating stuff for about 4 years now, first with excel, then excel macros using VBA, and then I graduated to modern scripting languages like powershell and python. I love powershell, and am excited for its future, so most of my posts will be about powershell. However, I do intend on covering other topics, such as python and CTFs.

If you ever have a question on a post, spot an error, or just have general comments, email me at

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